And so it begins…

And so it begins. Three weeks in Eastern Europe with my dad. What have I let myself in for!

We arrived in Prague at 7pm local time after a very stress-free journey thankfully not affected by French strikes. Still very warm when we arrived we decided to head out, both driven by a mutual longing for a beer and something to eat. Having asked the hostel receptionist for a recommendation of somewhere close by with good, local food we were directed just a few doors down to “Lokal”. We were certainly not disappointed with authentic Czech food and, more importantly, authentic Czech lager!

Feeling very content we briefly wandered along Charles Bridge before heading back to our hostel for the next two nights, Hostel Mango, conveniently just a street away from the bridge.

We’re in a 6-bed dorm tonight, time to see if Dad is too old for hostelling!


One thought on “And so it begins…

  1. Hi Conrad, Hi Andy

    Hope you have a brilliant time travelling. And remember – no-one’s ever too old to go hosteling. Not even your Dad. 🙂

    Your fave Godfather

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