There’s always a first time in a police car

After a very good night out with some of the others staying at Hostel Mosquito the next day brought with it our final day in Kraków. Up at around 9am we set off on the tram for the museum at the renowned Schindler’s factory brought to international attention in Spielberg’s film. The exhibition turned out to be extremely good, with a very thoughful layout taking you through the history of Kraków from its prosperous pre-war times to it’s experiences and changes under both Nazi and Soviet occupation. It also included personal accounts from those working in Schindler’s factory and their gratitude to Schindler for making the factory one of the best places for a Jewish person in Kraków at that time to work. 

However, after leaving the museum the day suddenly took a turn for the worse. A mix up with the tram system and a run in with some ticket inspectors meant that about half an hour later we found ourselves being bundled into separate police cars heading for the main police station in Kraków. Faced with threats of not paying the fine and not keen on spending the night in a Polish police cell we confirmed the amount, and after a trip to the bank to take out the necessary funds and handing over the money headed on our way a bit shaken up. 

Heading to the Rynek Underground Museum where we had booked tickets for an entrance slot earlier on, that we had clearly missed, we were shown kindness by the ticket seller who felt sympathetic and arranged for us to go into the museum right then even though we should have arrived about two hours earlier. Our luck was proving to be changing, though it was hard to focus clearly on the museum and the museum experience was therefore slighty detracted from. After a quick look round we headed back to the hostel to collect our bags, looking forward to getting on our next train. We would be heading for the Tatra mountains that lead into Slovakia, keen to be escaping cities for a few days and getting some fresh mountain air.

Just as we were leaving the hostel with all of our bags the hostel staff gave us a few stickers with the hostel’s logo on. They said that we should try and get a picture with the stickers stuck in an adventurous location and send it back to the hostel to be put up on a wall they had there. I said it was a pity we didn’t have one earlier that day, we could have put one in Kraków’s police station!


One thought on “There’s always a first time in a police car

  1. Just received a message asking after “the Brood”. They are all well thanks, and so are we! The above sounds a bit scarey! I am assuming you don’t have the language so that makes it doubly hard. I was pulled-up in Prague in the car not that long after the lifting of the Iron Curtain, for “going through the semaphore” (traffic lights) but I was lucky because the cop wanted to practise his English! It does sound like fun though so hope it continues to go well (or better, after the low point). Tek care, Poms ont’ road!
    Ya goin’ to absolutely cream us in the Ashes ;-(( Ooo roo.

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